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It’s Time To Not Just Keep Talking.

by on July 11, 2011

Been a while since the idea of this blog and desire hit me and my friends. Time lapses kept pushing this idea far and beyond. But, something made me feel that it was worthless to just keep pushing it beyond without any reason. That something is the movie V For Vendetta.

Made me question myself. Why am I here? Why did I ever even begin this blog if I wasn’t going to do something of it just because of some silly, stupid reasons? I don’t care enough to be even bothered about them! Those reasons don’t make me wanna opt out of the desire to make a difference to the society and world I live in. Those reasons don’t make me wanna be ‘just’ a part of the crowd. I know I’m different. I know I’m not one of the herd. And if you think I am, I’m here to tell you and prove to you that I’m NOT.

I’m done staying silent. I’m done being suffocated. I’m done feeling sorry for the dead and terrorized. I’m done showing solidarity for those in pain. I’m done feeling frustrated with the reality that exists. I’m done feeling tired of the way things are. I’m done accepting this bullshit. Now, I’m here to change. To be a part of it. To initiate it. And to at least try, if not succeed.

If you don’t like something, change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. ~Mary Engelbreit

I read this a few days back on a profile named Quotegarden I actively follow on Twitter. Made me smile the first thing I read it. Went on to send it to a few of my friends who acknowledged how true it is… And right then, I knew, that change, has to begin. It has to, sometime. Then, why not that ‘sometime’ be right now?

So, then and there it was… Through the last 2-3 months, the idea that has found a place in my head, has finally materialised in the form of what you now see as Not Just The Talks.

To keep it real, I have no clue of how long and how much this will sustain. I hope it will be long enough to achieve something substantial. But, hope is not just enough. Just as, talking isn’t enough.

I don’t promise anything more than opinions here. I seriously, don’t. But, again, this is the internet! What else can you do? Make a few causes on Facebook which people perceive as spam? Tweet about it? Digg about it? Create it an internet  sensation? Whoa! I’m stunned! Not a bit.

Yes, I will act. I promise to. Whenever needed, I will. I won’t just give my opinions here. I will be there whenever there is an event, an opportunity, a desire, a need to change expressed. Somewhere, anywhere. That’s the grit, that’s the desperation, that’s the lust with which I want change to happen. I may have my head well in the sky when I say I dream of a world devoid of most of its present problems, but let me tell you, what my eyes see from up here, is rather beautiful and I choose to make this the real world, over going back to the filthy (compared to the view from up here) way of life. Period.

Cynicism with hope rules me. Completely. Utterly. And that’s what this is about… Hitting the issues at hand, real hard. And then getting into the system to find the solution which may possibly get us through… Let’s try! Let’s give it a shot!

I repeat. I don’t promise results. I don’t promise change. I am not God. I am a simple 18-year-old from Mumbai dreaming to live in a better Mumbai, a better India and finally, a better world. A world where sadness, anger, frustration, disappointment can be reduced by humans, for oneself and for another.

Truly speaking, it hurts to see when elders around me, even those in powerful positions, act as if nothing can be changed and give up hope so easily, on this world that is our very own. I’m sorry to say this, may be it’s even disrespectful, but, I can’t sit hand-in-hand with my friends 20 years down the line, sipping tea on the porch, and talk about how the situation has just gotten worse from right now. I would rather talk to him/her about how we tried and how much worse it could have been had we not tried…

I have crossed and already shouted out loud “Enough is enough.” If you have too, jump in. If you think you will soon, jump in. If you think you can still be patient and take this for a lot more time, or you think this effort will fail like most others have till today, don’t jump in.

Finally, being or not being a part of NJTT (acronym for ‘Not Just The Talks.’) depends on you. Your discretion, completely. I’m here. I’m trying. I will keep trying.

Will you join us?

If you do decide to join us, surely do inform us in either of the following ways:

  1. By commenting below here.
  2. By emailing us at
  3. By posting it on our Facebook page.
  4. By mentioning us on Twitter (@NotJustTheTalks).
  5. Or by texting or calling me.

Until next post then… Adios :-)!

From → Change, Setu Shah

  1. Divya permalink

    This is an outstanding effort Setu.
    Everyone feels that this ‘change’ is needed..but no1 voices his/her opinions like you have done it through your blog.
    You have initiated this..feeling really gr8 about it.
    I am surely with you..with NJTT.

  2. Srishti Chauhan permalink

    Hey nice initiative Setu….its really good to know that you are truly bothered and are making this effort.
    No doubt i am with NJTT 🙂

  3. theshyboi permalink

    This is what we’ve been waiting for. An attempt. I’m sure everyone has thought of bringing change, but no one actually acted on it. You did. This little spark will soon become a huge fire.
    I’m with you. We will bring change.

  4. Samruddhi Madkaikar permalink

    Hey Setu this is really an awesome effort u have put in for the changes that have to take place for the betterment of humanity!!!!I really appreciate it and would love to be a part of it!!!!!

  5. I AM ALL IN !!! i think the same stuff quite often , more than often ! and i have some thoughts in my mind which go along with the plan of a better world and not just the talks !

  6. seriously awsum effort!! m surely a part of it!! together v’l bring change…!

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