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To Freedom, To Life.

by on January 4, 2012

It’s been a while since my inaugural and only post for Not Just The Talks, ‘It’s Time To Not Just Keep Talking.‘ came by. Well, to be real, a long time. All this while, I have been wanting to push forth this effort that was born in my and my friends’ minds, sometime back in March last year, but couldn’t, for some reason or the other. Regardless of that, any apologies I make today, for promising to initiate change, and then not committing to it, cannot be justified for.

Having said that, I do add that today, as I write this post, I am deeply motivated to make my efforts count, anew. This time, I won’t stop. No one can stop me. And if you join in, I know for once that you will make sure no one can stop you. Because, at the end of the day, we know that this is about not just talking, it’s about living. So, to the post for today…

Freedom. A word with a million meanings and interpretations. Never has a struggle for a better humanity, a better civilization, a better country, or a better person, even, begun without the desire of freedom, in its fundamental sense. Here, I talk about these very fundamentals, of our very century, and of our very mindset, which we seek.

To freedom from ineducation.

One of the most prevailing, and according to me, the root of all the problems we face today. Ineducation. In fact, I think that even the education that is imparted to us today, is a form of ineducation. There’s no denying that the education system we are a part of today, is terribly and incredibly flawed. And even though the law-makers and educators deny that, deep inside, even they know that it’s so.

Some may argue that Indian professionals reach the top jobs world over and have reputations like none other. About professionals, let’s get it straight, MNCs recruit Indians not because they are more knowledgeable, but because they’re easy preys to their not-so-lucrative offers, cheaper salaries, and dreams of working abroad in an MNC and making everyone in their extended families proud and jealous, over those professionals who graduate from ivy league institutions the world over. That’s a fact, everyone knows.

At the same time, I don’t doubt the intellect or the ability of Indians. I’m just pointing out the dubious situation our education system, puts us in. Also, the uneducated lot among us, the ones who are not lucky enough to experience the very basics of education, are affected worse. And that, in my opinion, is the freedom we desire and need, first.

To freedom from corruption.

Much has been said, seen, done and talked about the ‘India Against Corruption’ movement in the last 8 months. And there’s enough evidence that there’s no lacking the utter desire of change of the people of this nation. But, what are we fighting? I believe, we are fighting we are fighting our own psyche, the Indian psyche, which we have born and bred upon, which is filled with a fact we don’t think we can challenge, corruption.

Let’s face it, corruption, in its nascent and most innocent forms, is instigated into our mindsets, right from the day we understood material and monetary portions of life. It begins at toys, clothes and shoes, goes to watches and gadgets, and ends up in a funny juxtaposed monetary reality which we blame on the Governments that govern us, the bureaucrats that work for us, the judiciary that gives us justice, the police that protect our rights, and the people who try to ease our lives, everyday.

They are the sons and daughters of the same motherland. They have learnt it the way we did. And they became the masters of greed because we trained them on how to receive more, to get our work done easiest and fastest. And to the count of this day, even in the wrong-est possible ways. The freedom, the fight for corruption isn’t about one bill or one Government or a couple of Ministers, it’s about a deeply rooted comprehension of the reality forth us. That freedom, is ours to take or leave.

To freedom from social evils and social bondage.

For me, the society is any group of individuals which aims at strengthening and helping each one of them, in their own special ways. But, living in India, changes the definition to the very opposite of it, completely. We live in a society which is headed by illiterate goons who shred it into pieces on the basis of caste, creed, language, religion, sex and what not! Then, there are the religious, caste, gender implications which you ‘must’ abide by to be a part of the society that you are a part of. Otherwise, you and your family, will be thrown out of it. How fair!!

I thought secularism something we Indians were proud of. I really did. But, when I see TV commercials about websites promoting only inter-caste marriages, read about reports of dowry, Sati among other malpractices, I laugh at my own self for thinking that today morning, I woke up in a better India. In fact, even watching censored scenes from Hollywood movies, in an Adult-only movie, makes me feel about how constrained the way we Indians think, is! Freedom from this orthodox life, we sure need.

As far as I know, ‘Right to Freedom’, is a fundamental right given to us by the Honourable Constitution of India. But, we are afraid, feared. To change and to be free, from even all that we think is wrong. Because we think the system will change us, instead. I speak today, for the generations to come by, because I know that if not us, they will stand for freedom, and I would rather gift it to them than see them fight for it. I would rather fall fighting for the freedom that I deserve, than sit back and watch the world in the current avatar. I would rather have my last breath knowing that I tried, than feeling pity on my country, my motherland.

In the coming posts, I will be writing about my take on each one of these, with the solutions that I think are the steps we take to begin with, in detail, stay tuned. As for this list, it’s not a comprehensive one, but well, these are those issues which I feel are the most important.

Till then, fight for your freedom, in your own little ways. I will, too. And after a few years, if not tomorrow, we will wake up in an India we would be more proud to call ours.

For a better India, for freedom, to the death!

Setu Shah
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  1. Dear Setu,

    A Powerful post indeed. Very well written.

    I agree with most of your points and I am sure most of the other readers would, too. I too believe Education is the single most important issue we face today and it’s certainly not limited to us getting ”good” education but it (should) extend to us imparting ‘”good” education, inculcating the basic, common, moral values (that we, at school or otherwise, paid no attention to or ridiculed almost all the time — exceptions aside of course) into our loved ones (children, indispensably because that is where it all begins). We need to utilize our knowledge, our wisdom (if at all it exists anymore) very intelligently and judiciously so as to make our immediate family, our home, our neighborhood a better place. I believe it has to start from our families.

    Every little step counts.


    • Exactly what Subhash said:) The basics, the morals, the value education. Stuff like don’t dump on roads, dont spit; CLEANLINESS as a whole! Families are fine, societies should be clean within but not dump stuff outside, instead, the societies can come together, form a larger society and take initiatives to clean up pockets and sectors of areas they reside at! Its actually a pretty awesome post, covering a lotta different stuff and i know you’re bubbling to write more! Keep em posts coming ill join you someday soon:D


  2. rishabh mehta permalink

    i came upon dis article by chance and checked ur group on fb….at 1st i was excited wid what i saw!!but nw i realize ur like evry1 else bro!ur vocablury is strong,ur eloquence unmatched!!but ur intent is weaker than i can imagine….its all but finally literature!!like d millions before you all you can do is complain bro…kudos fr ur article bt nah u cnt change anything…coz u complain abt d system and den wat…..i dunno if ull even read my comment or something bro but whatever its my view….nice article.

    • I don’t usually reply to any comment (on this blog, or my primary one too).

      But, the nature of this comment, makes me want to comment.

      Frankly, there hasn’t been a day I haven’t thought about the things you said in your day, since the day you posted it (that’s the very day I approved it). Because of one simple thing, you accused me of a weak intent, you accused this initiative of a weak intent. And it kept me thinking if I should reply to you breaking my tradition with blog comments, or not. Thus, the late comment.

      And to the reply for you…

      I’m happy to know that our page on Facebook is promoting this blog. That’s something I wanted to know and I’m glad it’s happening. And I’m really thankful for all the good things you’ve said :).

      My intent, is something you can’t say anything about, and I’m personally offended by this because, well, you have no clue about who I am or what I want to do, leave alone anything else. Saying that, with absolutely no knowledge, is pretty immature, in my opinion.

      I know how strong my desire to live in a changed India is. Yes, I complain. Yes, I find out mistakes in the system. But, that’s all because I know that without finding them, without knowing the flaws, no one can become better, be it a person, an organization, or a country.

      This initiative may be small, but, I know for sure that I will put my best foot forward, always, to take it ahead.

      Criticism, is always good to read 🙂 (no pun intended).


      -Setu Shah

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