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Time to be a Game Changer

by on March 20, 2012

Time: 4:20 PM IST
Venue: A small cabin inside my regular workplace.
Current Scenario: Loads of clients demanding their wants.
Action taken: NOTHING. Watching a random video sent by a confidante and finally making a contribution by writing this post.

Dear avid bloggers, readers and the random page hunters who are accidently reading this post to kill their time,

Here’s a big HELLO to all of you from my side. This is me… A random web surfer who likes going through random profiles, writing stuffs on random topics, rambling, ranting, abusing and cussing over the same things that most of the common men talk about.
Poverty. Corruption. Slavery. Treachery. Unemployment.
You name it and I join the bandwagon. Yes. It’s me. The common man.

Currently, my location is your IP address. That’s because currently you are reading this post on your gadget and that’s where I have popped up. Yes. I am the common man that you are seeing around your area, on a nearby table in the cafe that you are currently sitting in, a house near your neighbourhood. You name the place and that’s where I turn up. Because it is me. The common man.

I came across this link while searching for a good read to kill my time. It talks about the top ten revolutions that the world has witnessed. Though I can add up a few more that have been witnessed in recent times like The Egyptian Revolution, The Libyan Revolution but there is a strange feeling that makes me sad for not being a part of any of these revolutions. I am the common man. And I have an intention to contribute towards doing something good for the benefit of the society.

This is when I came across a history (in the making) to be a part of. If you think this is a revolt then I am one of those revolters. If you think this is a rebellion against the injustice meted to the random people then I am a rebel. And if you think this is the cause that you too are fighting for then yes I am your FRIEND!

Yes. I raise my voice against the injustice meted over my brothers and sisters in Uganda.
Yes. I raise my voice against the apathy of its people.
Yes. I raise my voice against the inhumane and the barbaric acts being witnessed out there.
Yes. I raise my voice in support of KONY2012.

I wouldn’t like you to read what is KONY2012 about. Rather I would show you what is the whole issue about.

Decide for yourself. Do you want to be a game changer? Or do you wish to remain a mere spectator?

The choice is yours.

Till then… Warm Regards.

Peace, Poetry and Power,

Bhavin Shah

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