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‘Tis All In The Mind

by on June 8, 2012

Wait. Somebody just let out an angry grunt.

Who is it? Businessman? Teacher? Student? Salaried staff? Roadside vendor? Common man?

Ah! I should have guessed in earlier. The common man!

So what is this whole fuss about? Rise in prices? Rise in standard of living? Delays in commuting? Corruption? Scams? Black money? Or for one sole reason that you are fooled again?

A few days back I was same like the people around me. I had to go through the same painstaking process like most of us normally do. Wake up early in morning. Race against time to complete daily chores. Skip breakfast in order to catch the regular train to report at work. Miss the train. Report late at work. Bear the brunt of the senior for being late. Hunt through the list of clients. Strive hard to please them by compromising with ideals. Crawl back home in a tired state of body and mind. Miss the dinner with family while they wait eagerly to have my company and drop dead on bed with a hope that the new day shall be less worse than the current one. But the cycle hardly changes.

Who is accountable for this? Who is to be blamed for it?

The milkman, who has to compromise with the quality of dairy products because in no circumstances can I afford the increase in prices?

The newspaper guy, who delivers the newspaper filled with cynical headlines on front page?

The driver of the taxis, rickshaws, buses, trains who somehow don’t provide the sync that I expect from them to help me report at work on time?

The fellow commuters whose sweat makes the stench unbearable?

The boss who expects me to deliver results for the company even though I don’t see a scope of increment in salary, promotion?

The client who has his own battles to fight with rather than paying attention to my hardwork and asking me to come next time?

The canteen guy who delivers me a bad tea?

Or should I blame my family for unnecessarily irritating me when I am passing a bad day?

I observed my pattern of thoughts throughout the day. Most of them were totally cynical and pessimistic in nature. I kept complaining and ranting about most of the things that I saw around. The garbage in my neighbourhood. The price hikes. The scams. The bribe asking government officials to get my work done. The exam paper leaks. The killings reported in newspaper.

And then I came across A speech by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Before moving forward I would request you to read the speech.

It made me question myself quite a few things and I am sure that the same questions will arise in your mind too. Why do we whine? Why do we complaint? If we do have issues with our system then why can’t we make our system better? It reminds me of one of the famous dialogues from the movie Rang De Basanti where R. Madhavan says to the other heroes, “Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota… Usse perfect banana padhta hai!” No country is perfect by default. It is us who have to strive to make the country better.

All I read in the newspapers is Lok Sabha sessions being interrupted. Public services disrupted due to strikes. Self proclaimed social workers and politicians going on hunger strike and fasts. Political parties declaring nationwide shutdown. Is this helping us to progress in any way? Or are we dragging ourselves backward towards being a third world nation?

Did you feel offended when I termed our nation as a third world country? So did I. It is us who can prove the critics wrong by showing them our capability to be a superpower. It is us who can bring the change in our political system by actively making efforts to bring changes. Somebody has rightly said (I can’t remember the name of that icon), “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

It is our actions that can decide the fate of our system. And it is upto our minds to develop ideas that can help us develop as a first world country.

There are two options that you have after reading this post:
1. Whine around as always and laze around waiting for somebody else to bring the change and rule over us AGAIN.
2. Make up your mind to bring the change in a positive way.

Afterall, like the title says, ‘Tis All In The Mind.

Peace, Poetry and Power
Bhavin Shah

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