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An Apology, and a Promise.

by on March 31, 2013

Around this same time of the year, 2 years ago, I and some of my blogging friends contemplated starting a co-blog that’d help us make the society we live in, a better place. I remember the strings of e-mails we shared about the name of the blog, the content, the policies that we’d follow, the theme of the blog and how it’d look. And all the while, I couldn’t wait to see this dream come true. I couldn’t wait to get done with the pointless crap that stopped me from doing my bit to help in making this world a better place.

Sadly, much has changed since then.

Of those who were a part of the original group, one has left and been untraceable (she was a cyber friend). And the rest of us, that you see on the ‘Authors’ page have been knowingly ignoring and pushing posting anything for this blog, pertaining to our claims of having ‘other commitments‘. Needless to say, we’ve failed. We haven’t been striving as hard as we promised. Err, sorry, we haven’t even been trying to strive.

Considering that I was a major reason why NJTT started in the first place, I have a guilty conscience for this event. I feel sorry for those who pledged their support to us when we started because we’ve wronged them. We didn’t see the KONY 2012 event through, like we wanted to. We didn’t push for the ‘Your Turn Now‘ cards and make them mainstream. We didn’t speak for what was right, in our eyes. We let our own dreams fall apart, without any sort of a try to save them.

But, it doesn’t end here. It can’t.

I just read this blogpost today by someone about what has happened to Meru Cabs, because of the political clout existing in Mumbai and Maharashtra politics. I also read Meru Cabs’ appeal letter to the citizens of Mumbai whom it has rightfully and honestly served (yes, I agree, I have used them on multiple occasions and have never had a negative feedback) for the last six years. And reading both of these, made me extremely sad.

I’ve been contemplating writing a post for this blog for a while now, about what I can do to make the General Elections that’ll occur sometime next year, more transparent and help those who want to vote an informed choice. I would have written a very positive post about what NJTT is going to do for you and how amazing it’s going to be for us to help you all. But honestly, I can’t convince myself of it.

It’s the politics around me that makes me sad. It’s how pathetic it has become and how foolishly we accept the fake political promises made to us, at face value, that hurts.

I want to promise you that NJTT will do everything in its power to help you make an informed decision and to take a stand against what’s wrong. But, the past and what has happened holds me back today.

I can’t say for the other authors at NJTT and for NJTT as a whole, but, personally, I promise that I will try to do everything I can, always, to make this world a better place.

In hope that there’ll be another post that I pen down for this blog…

Yours truly,

Setu Shah.

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