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Name: Setu Shah

Setu Shah

The reason for being a part of creating and blogging at Not Just The Talks:
Been almost 18 years since my birth. Two years since I began blogging. Living in a world, a country, a city, which cannot stand as one and fight for any one thing that ‘everyone’ knows is going wrong. Here to voice my opinion about everything that I think is wrong. Here to make my voice heard. Here to share how I feel about the issues that give me sleepless nights and a troubled mind.

If you want to read more of what I write, visit my personal blog . And for more about how you can contact me, .

Name: Pratik Mehta

Pratik Mehta

It was a very emotionally-packed moment when the idea of Not Just The Talks popped into my head. Almost every problem we face today, be it day to day ones like homework, emotionally draining ones like misunderstandings with loved ones, society-induced pressures, or more serious ones like eve-teasing or drunken driving could be a lot less worrisome, if they were acted upon, instead of just being discussed and forgotten.
It is this sentiment which inspired me to pick up my pen and change the psyche of our flawed society with it’s tilted rules, as well as provide real-world solutions to everything from nagging routine woes to issues of national importance. It’s time someone took a stand, and made things simple. It’s time for action. Time to not just keep talking.

Twitter: @pratikaay

Name: Raj S  Khot

Not Just The Talks was always a voice in the back of my head, screaming delicately at a moment, voraciously at another. It was always there, nameless and formless; and I recount my excitement on knowing that something that I really did want to be a part of was gradually taking shape. When it finally did, it felt awesome. A million and one directionless flow of rants and opinions later, we created a platform, a voice that bellowed and sung the tyranny of those unsung and then some. All this in a hope that instigates change, an improvement, a raised eyebrow, a concerned frown; all of which may lead to perhaps, on some-one; a smile.

For more about ways to contact me, hit .
For more of my writings, do visit


Name: Bhavin Shah

I sin by my thoughts… Writing cleanses me!

When I am asked to introduce myself, I feel the thing that describes me the best is the above said line. Let me be honest. I whine. I rant. I complaint. I do everything that a common man does. After all, that’s the human tendency. When my younger brother Setu Shah came up with this idea, I had no second thoughts of being a part of his germ (Germ, as in, every matter is a germ until it takes a form)! All the time we ever complain, all we hear is that we only rant about the system but fail to participate in changing the system.. Well, it’s high time we stop cussing and stand up for what is right and what is wrong! By being a part of this group, alongwith other young bloods Raj Khot and Pratik Mehta, I have pledged to take the initiative to stand up against what is wrong! Wise men said “Pen is mightier than the sword” and Not Just The Talks is the platform to prove it right!

More about me:

Twitter: @bhavingr8


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